Above all, we are a vibrant community that learners, staff and governors are proud to belong to.
Headteacher's Welcome to icollege
18th February 2022 - iCollege closed across all sites due to red weather warning.
Welcome to ‘icollege alternative education’

This is West Berkshire’s provision for learners unable to access mainstream education.
Established in September 2017, following the amalgamation of the Alternative Curriculum Service and the Reintegration Service, the icollege operates from five separate units across West Berkshire.

We can accommodate up to 66 learners across all key stages, from ages 5 - 19
Our culture and ethos is to:
Help every learner do the very best that they can
Inspire learners and staff alike
Actively engage all our stakeholders
Work constantly to meet the needs of current and future learners

We will deliver this by:
Staff, governors and stakeholders working collaboratively
Providing a broad, holistic and relevant curriculum
Strong leadership and teaching of the highest quality
Keeping parents and carers well informed and engaged with our provision
We offer:
Off site reactive provision to improve mainstream engagement for Key Stages 1 to 4

Full time placements to support learners achieve personal and academic success for Years 9, 10 & 11

Bespoke packages including core subjects to meet individual learners needs Key Stages 1 - 5

Short term pro active/pre booked programmes to sustain mainstream engagement for Key Stage 3

Mrs Jacquie Davies Headteacher

All the impressive art work on this site has been completed by icollege learners in the course of their learning or as coursework for nationally recognised exams.
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Independence Year 11 & KS5
Richmond House Bath Road Newbury Berkshire RG14 1QY

T: 01635 48872
E: office@icollege.org.uk
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