Integration KS3 & 4

Integration icollege is located at 22 Highview, Calcot Reading RG31 4XD and provides short term education placements for KS 3 & 4 learners in West Berkshire who are struggling to access a mainstream provision. This includes learners who are looking for reintegration back to mainstream schooling following a permanent exclusion and learners who have received an extended fixed term exclusion. Integration icollege also offers an in-reach service to mainstream schools providing reactive provision to improve mainstream engagement.

We provide bespoke packages, including core subjects and alternative educational opportunities, to meet individual learner needs. Learners will benefit from a fully differentiated curriculum that supports learner’s academic, behavioural, social and emotional development. Our ultimate role is to help individual learners be better equipped to manage and sustain mainstream engagement.

Integration icollege is a small school with classrooms based around a central hub. This enables teaching staff to be fully engaged with all learners, 100% of the time. Class size is small, around 4-6 students, ensuring that learners’ learning needs are met quickly and effectively. All staff members are experienced in this learning environment and are fully committed to our aim of improving individual’s educational experience.

Future aspirations include the development of pre-bookable programmes of education allowing for a more proactive service to learners struggling in the mainstream environment and the construction of a new school building.

CONTACT DETAILS: 22 Highview Calcot, Reading, Berkshire, RG31 4XD  |  01189 416636
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