Headteacher: Jacqueline Davies

Assistant Head Teacher Raising Standards: Emma Douglas

Assistant Head Teacher Community & Well Being: Faye Miller

School Business Manager: Karen Price

Inclusion Manager: Emma Dodridge

Leading Teacher, Inclusion Manager:  Charlotte Duly

Leading Teacher, Subject Leader PE:  Pietro Framalicco

Leading Teacher: Helen Blunn

Leading Teacher: Angie Palmer

Leading Teacher - The Pod: Jo Farley

Pastoral LEAD: Jo Watts

Pastoral Manager & TA: Jess Chorley

Pastoral Manager: Monica Hornsey

Pastoral Manager: Carolyn Smith

Head of Maths: Dave Keevil

Head of English: Suzanne Giaever-Enger

Head of Science: Rachel Pocock

Head of Art: Rob Cordery

Head of Primary Curriculum: Siobahn Harvey

Subject Leader Careers: Ali Haynes

Subject Lead PSE: Antonia Palmer

Subject Leader Catering: Lynne Samuel-Cox

Subject Lead IT and Data Manager:
Jon Willey

Health & Safety Lead & Teacher: Dave Mills

Health & Safety Co-ordinator: Monica Romano

QTS Teachers: Mary Allen, Mel Andrews, Mark Davies, Siobhan Harvey, Ali Haynes, Hilary Manser, Dave Mills, Helen Noble, Sophie Taplin, Emily Billinghurst, Mark Davies, Emma Swain

UNQ Teachers: Jess Chorley, Steph Halifax, Joel Gregory, Esther Muir, Lynne Samuel-Cox, Carolyn Smith, Scott Southby, Jeanette Weatherhead,
Adam Butler, Antonia Palmer

Teaching Assistants: Theresa Barker, Kelly Brewerton, Zoe Brown, Adam Butler, Jess Chorley, Emma Fearn, Joel Gregory, Steph Halifax, Lesley Kerry, Marie Lacoste, Antonia Palmer, Sarah Pocock, Ramona Port, Jackie Smith, Scott Soutby, Lianne Gilbert, Lucie Motion, Sian Phillips, Jeanette Weatherhead, Sharon Wheeler, Samantha Will, Jo Francis

HLTAs: Lindsey Chivers and Ramona Port

Admin team: Sarah Bell, Julie Cullinane, Rachel Davies, Jo Hannington

Outreach Co-ordinator and Cross-phase Teacher: Jo Farley

Caretaker: Barry Walker

Counsellor: Rupert Hutchinson

Family Support Worker: Amie Whitehead

Exams Officer:
Ian Pearson, Adam Butler

Educational Visits Co-ordinator: Bill Woodhart
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